Copper Beech Field Trips is an artist’s project by Elizabeth Chitty for Niagara Falls History Museum

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• walking project – taking place every other Thursday evening at 7pm from July 28 through September 8.
Meet in the Niagara Falls History Museum lobby.
Click here for the walk schedule.

• installation for Niagara Night of Art at the Niagara Falls History Museum, September 22, 2016

Step outside the Museum doors and let’s go for a stroll together. We’ll pass the 1914 Copper Beech in Drummond Hill Cemetery to the newly planted Copper Beech in Redmond Heights. Past and present mingle, as you look and look again. Find what draws your attention; see something new and bring fresh eyes to the familiar and everyday. We will walk mostly in silence except for your spoken words into an audio recorder as you respond to what you see. Take photos if you like and upload them to the site – consider that although this site is heavy on history, the past flows to the present, so photograph whatever you like.